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MediaDSP: Master-SIMD media DSP Processor

The project is financed by Stringent SSF: Swedish foundation for strategic research )


It is the pre-study project for ePUMA.

The main goal

The main goal is to identify programmable (instruction level) function accelerations for 2D computing and 2D data acceasses.

Publications (WP)

Di Wu, Tiejun Hu, and Dake Liu A Single-Issue DSP based Multi-standard Media Processor for Mobile Platform ARCS 2006 (Workshop of Parallel Systems and Algorithms), Frankfurt, Germany, March 2006

Di Wu, Boonshyang Lim, Johan Eilert, Dake Liu Parallelization on High-Performance Video Encoding on a Single-Chip Multiprocessor IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications, Dubai, UAE, November 2007

Di Wu, Yi-Hsien Li, Johan Eilert, Dake Liu Real-Time Space-Time Adaptive Processing on the STI CELL Multiprocessor 4th European Radar Conference, Munich, Germany, September 2007

Di Wu, Per Karlström, Johan Eilert, Andreas Ehliar, and Dake Liu MediaDSP: An Application Specific Heterogeneous Multiprocessor SoC Proc of the Swedish System-on-Chip Conference (SSoCC), Kolmården, Sweden, May 2006

Di Wu, Tiejun Hu, and Dake Liu A Single Scalar DSP based Programmable H.264 Decoder Proc of the Swedish System-on-Chip Conference (SSoCC), Tammsvik, Sweden, Apr 2005

Oskar Flordal, Di Wu, and Dake Liu Accelerating CABAC Encoding for Multi-standard Media with Configurability Proceeding of IEEE IPDPS06 (Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop (RAW)), Rhodos, Greece, Apr 2006

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