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Floating point audio DSP

Floating point audio DSP is a high end special coded audio processor optimized for low memory cost and low power.

The processor stores intermediate data in a 16-bit floating point format to limit memory usage.

A MP3 decoder on the processor is verified as a limited accuracy iso/iec 11172-3 mpeg-1 layer iii decoder. It does not support layer i or ii. The rms of error is 3.2x10E-5.

A clock frequency of 20 MHz is enough to decode all mpeg-1 layer iii streams

Chip photo
Chip photo.

Chip Features
Process0.18 um CMOS
Core voltage1.8 V
I/O voltage3.3 V
Core area6.2 mm2
Idle power3 mW
Average power7 mW


Johan Eilert, Andreas Ehliar, and Dake Liu Using low precision floating point numbers to reduce memory cost for MP3 decoding Proc of the IEEE Int'l Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), Siena, Italy, Sep 2004

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