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BBP1 is a fully programmable radio baseband processor optimized for Wireless LAN applications (802.11a/b/g). It was built to demonstrate the flexibility and performance of our architecture.

A clock frequency of 160 MHz is required to run 802.11a, which is the most demanding of the implemented standards. In addition to the WLAN standards the processor can also manage less demanding standards e.g. Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS. A die photo of the manufactured chip as well as chip data and measurment results are given below.

Chip photo
Chip photo: PM=Program Memory, CM=Coefficient Memory, DM and IM are data memories.

Chip Features
Process0.18 um CMOS
Core voltage1.8 V
I/O voltage3.3 V
Chip area5.0 mm2
Core area2.9 mm2
Logic area1.9 mm2
Memory area1.0 mm2
Package144 pin fpBGA
Measured Max Frequency220 MHz
Measured Core Power @160 MHz
Idle44 mW
11a Rx burst126 mW


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