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HiPEC: High performance embedded computing

The project's main site is located here.

Summary of DA subproject

The project aims at taking a large step forward for the DSP sub-systems for telecommunications and multimedia by developing new architectures and methods, based on the features of the tasks to be executed in these subsystems.

Tasks running on DSP subsystems are relatively predictable and this is the good opportunity to utilize our knowledge to optimize system architectures. This requires cores specialized for different task classes, memory organization adapted to the actual data structures, and development tools suitable for these new architectures.

The main goal

The project will be the continuation on our current research; its goal is to elaborate, demonstrate and evaluate our proposed new paradigm for high-performance low-cost parallel DSP signal processing, including instruction set, parallel architecture, programming tools, and applications with demonstrated high performance and low cost solution of a DSP subsystem for an embedded system in telecommunication and multimedia applications.

Participating Divisions

Computer Engineering, (Electrical Engineering, Linköping University)

Embedded System Design group (Computer Science, Lund University)

Digital ASIC, (Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University)

Halmstad Embedded and Intelligent Systems research (Halmstad Högskola)

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