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Master Thesis Projects

In the division of Computering Engineering (Datorteknik) we provide both internal and external opportunities for Master Thesis (exjobb). Students are also welcome to propose their own fresh ideas.

The teachers that offer Master Thesis and the areas in which they work on nowadays are outlined next. For more information, please contact the corresponding teacher.

Oscar Gustafsson: I work on design and implementation of DSP, communication, and arithmetic algorithms. The topics range from high-level design in Matlab down to hardware implementation in ASIC/FPGA. I typically have proposals in the following areas:
  • High-speed signal processing for optical communication and radar
  • FPGA-optimized signal processing algorithms, arithmetic, and architectures
  • Computer arithmetic algorithms and architectures
  • Implementation of massive MIMO systems

Mario Garrido: I work on the implementation of digital circuits for signal processing. This includes hardware design, description in VHDL and implementation on physical devices. I am interested in Master students that want to do their Thesis in one of the following areas:
  • Hardware design of the fast Fourier transform (FFT).
  • High-performance circuits for 5G technologies.
  • Neural networks on FPGAs.
  • High-performance circuits for radio astronomy.
  • Software tools for hardware generation.

Kent Palmkvist: I work with hardware implementation of signal processing algorithms, with a focus on FPGA implementation using VHDL and Verilog as well as some high level synthesis environments. Soft CPUs and mixed FPGA and CPU projects are also of interest.

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