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Graduate education

Current and upcoming courses (contact Dake Liu to get more information)

Previous courses

  • FPGA design, spring 2010 (given in cooperation with ES)
  • Design of ILP DSP processors, spring 2010
  • Design of Communication Specific Processors, spring 2009
  • Design of parallel streaming DSP processors, spring 2008
  • Introduction to deep submicron VLSI design, fall 2006
  • On chip parallel DSP Processors, spring 2006
  • Advanced DSP processor design, spring 2004 
  • Introduction to Network Processors, summer 2003

Description of the research area

The research is within the area of ASIP (Application Specific Instruction set Processor) design and implementation based on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and FPGA. The research focus is on ASIP for streaming DSP applications, especially for parallel memory optimization of programmable and parallel streaming signal processing systems.

The research in computer architectures in Sweden is not focused on general purpose computing. The focus is instead on application and domain specific processors for communication, control, consumer, and other embedded electronics. Knowledge within specific application areas such as communications, signal processing, and control systems is necessary within this research area.


Licentiate requires 30 credits from courses while Ph.D. requires 60 credit points.

Mandatory courses

  • 20-30p Planned individually according to the background of each Ph.D. student

Examples of additional courses

  • 30-40p Planned individually according to the background of each Ph.D. student

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