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Master Thesis Projects

Welcome to Datorteknik (the division of Computering Engineering)! Both internal and external opportunities for Master theses (exjobb) are provided by us in the following areas. Students are also welcome to propose their own fresh ideas. To send your proposal, click here

  • Application, Algorithm and Architecture
    • Wireless Baseband Processing, Communication systems
    • Multimedia (Audio, Image and Video Processing) and Computer Graphics
    • Core network and Access network (Protocol, Processor, Network Terminals)
  • Processor and Circuit Design
    • Parallel DSP processors, CMP (on Chip Multi Processors), SoC platform
    • DSP processors and function accelerators, High Performance Circuit
    • Low power and high performance processors
  • SW/HW Codesign of Embedded System
    • Scheduling, Threading, RTOS for Embedded SoC
    • IDE and other toolkit for DSP
    • Design Methodology etc.

To find available final year projects click here.

To view finished master thesis projects click here.

What We Expect From You

Students from D, Y, IT, SoC, SY, COS, COE, Erasmus or similar programs with ambition and interest in this area are most welcome! This is an opportunity to learn industry relevant technology and to prove your capability of making great achievement in your future career. In order to achieve this goal, you are expected to fulfill the basic thesis requirements, 20 weeks of full-time work.

If you would like to put a bit more effort and achieve more, we can work together to make something happen which could be a novel design, a published paper or even a chip tape-out.

The most important thing is that after finishing the thesis, you will greatly increase the chance of finding a good position in the industry or academia because of the experience gained here.

When the report is finished it is very important that we receive the material of your work. A zip file with templates is prepared. Please send the completed zip file to our administration officer, Ylva Jernling,  ylva@isy.liu.se .

General information on how to carry out the Master thesis (exjobb) can be found here.

Please be aware of the followings notes:
1. In order to be awarded a Master's degree in Linköping University, the student is required by the university to attend at least three defences of Master thesis. Information on time and location of defences can be found at LinTek's website.
2. The student needs to find an opponent for his/her defence and the student should also act as the opponent of another student in order to get the degree. Information on finding oppoents can be found at Notice Board of Linköping University.

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Last updated: 2015-01-15